When is the right time to trim the lawn?


You may be wondering when a good opportunity to cut your grass is.   To write several blogs on the yard management is no mean fete and being a successful plant husbandry manager, it is clear that the advice you are likely to find from me here is valuable.

The promotion of nature and gardening is one area which usually beats logic of most plant care reformers.  The area of getting the right garden design with the right trim is one thing which cannot escape the attention of any gardener.

There are some gardening specialists with comprehensive knowledge in the field spanning the educational field.  However, most of the gardening tips need to come from enthusiasts in the area whose loyalty to the lawn management is not in doubt.

The sizes of the grass at times differ with smaller garden owners even suffering the confusion of not being able to decide what to do with their lawns.  Because of the market value, most garden specialists concern themselves with larger yards whose pictures they are glad to share around the web for all to see.

Trimming the lawn top some is not an easy undertaking as they fear the prospect of destroying some of the plants they may have on the lawn.  Some of the plants we usually hear about from most of the lawn care enthusiasts is the perennial plants.

Long held notion

Looking back, you will agree that some lawn care specialists set up rules on how and when to do certain things on your lawn.  One of the areas they have always set their eyes on is the one to do with the time of trimming the grass. Be it as it may, the changing face of reforms and ensuing agitation has changed a lot of things with more prospects for the change of tune.


End of the year trimming

The prospect of having an unruly garden at times has even seemed significant in most quarters with pundits looking at the bigger side of the shaggy yards. Perennials are always the main reason for most of the fears of lawn trimming in the in-season period. Trimming then needs to be trimmed at the end of their season.

Looking at the lawn with all its plants is what most of such people love. Seeing the wind swish away and take in the beauty makes even trimming the grass for the sake of the stylistic beauty to be thrown out of the window.

In reality, cutting any other extra part of the park which may not appear to be in its right place is an advisable act. Some of the plants which need trimming may include additional branches of perennials you have on the lawn.

The real problem

When you have a lot of lawn plant branches on the lawn, the reality dawn on the lawn owner when you have nowhere to take the plant remains. Many would prefer when the trimming occurs, or when the perennials are done away with, stuffed into compost for renewal of the organic component of the soil.

However, the prospects of having a lot of plants remain usually depend on the manner of trimming. You may be using a hedge trimmer, a standard tool on the lawns or just some ride on lawn mower with a mulching bag as its accessory.

When the yard is left untrimmed, the prospect of having litter all over when a storm occurs is a reality, something which may make the garden owner have a heap of work to do especially during winter.

 However, bagging the debris and turning them in as mulch is one thing that is easier said than done if you have a large amount of plant remains on the lawn. Apart from such debris quickly clogging the lawn mower blade, they may not be easily rotting making the process of turning them into compost a long drawn one.

Additionally, ride on mowers is ideal if you use in concurrence with your hedge trimmer to be able to get the perfect look. They are perfect if you wish just to want to shred the plants and let them decay on the soil as mulch.

But some of them may not work as you may want as the corded nature and the weak blades can limit the extent at which they go. The smoke that billows from these rides on mowers and the prospect of oil spills ion the lawn hedges is real.



While the time to trim your lawn is your prerogative, getting it right is not a choice. Plants are known to have different growth spans, the same case we witness on the lawn. Whether one decides to do the trimming in winter or during the summer period, taking into account, the plant needs seem to be the primary focus.


Mulching can achieve much in keeping garden plants happy

Having a yard with old trees can at times be so wonderful. Do you know how to keep your trees happy?  Can trees be happy after all?  These are questions hanging on the minds of many lawn owners.

For a fact, getting the trees look healthy and vibrant can at times be the aim of the yard owner. However, this can be achieved pretty easily by only taking the mowed grass on your lawn collected through the lawn mower bag and then using them to mulch the trees.

Most lawn mowers have a collection bag, which can be emptied after each round of mowing the garden. This process can be made even easier when the garden owner has farm implements for collecting the mowed grass together and ferrying it to the other areas of the yard.

Moreover, if you have a mower with a shredder, it can make the work pretty easy as this allows the mowed grass to dry and rot fast into the soil, keeping all the plants happy, including the lawn. Every leaf in this process counts as they contain just the right ingredients which will eventually make the plants happy. 

Importance of mulching garden plants

While the lawn owner may have some plants around the yard which he waters every day, the mulching process eliminates the whole debacle and allows the plants to have enough root cover to keep the water under the soil.

Additionally, the mulch is important in keeping the plants free from the effects of the cold season, which at times devastates the plants. Because of the compact nature of the mulching leaves, you are going to have them providing the much need warmth to the plant roots.

While it is not just the cold effects to be driven away, some plants like garlic may warm up when exposed to extreme heat, which the mulch also keeps at bay and helps maintain the quality of such plants.

Mulching also allows for better changes to the season physiologically and allows the plants on the lawn to flower at their appointed time. For instance, lack of a constant temperature at the roots may make the warmth which comes after the cold spell to make the plants have abnormal growth.

Such growth may make them blossom before the appointed time, a fact which is never desired while the frostiness still lingers around the plant. Additionally, the mulch improves the soil pH, which makes such plants depending on these to have the ability to grow all round the seasons.

Flower blooms on the lawn throughout the season are something all yard owners cherish as it adds color to the park. The health of your plants depends on the suitable climate it enjoys. Depending on the area, you may decide the level of mulching you need to do.

Sometimes, the feeling around most yards is that the mulching of the plants does not give as much as it takes. Overall, by just keeping your plants healthy, it’s worth trying because it costs nothing.


Improving the overall look of the soil and the chemical nature through mulching has made the modern lawn yards to enjoy an unprecedented amount of plant growth. There is no more of the winter and summer plants, which was mainly dictated by the seasonal flowering.

Mulching the plants is easy as much as it can be fun as you can decide whether just to stock the leaves below the plant or have them shredded for ease of rotting and better soil mix. Moreover, it makes the yard tidy and allows your mower to get its job done easily.


Recycled things and home garden decoration tips

Garden decoration is considered an art with several twists to it. Mosaic style decorations using rocks or colorful stones may be some of the areas you may want to explore. Bringing uniqueness, style, and harmony to your garden are important as it allows you to enjoy new atmosphere rest, read a book, and take tea within the confines of your garden if you are a lonely gardener.

Every corner and inch of your garden can be a real semblance of your true self and character through the use of recycled materials whose decorations may at times sound so great. The cheap and fun part of using plastic for garden decoration is what encourages their use on the backyard more. 

How to use old object in the garden

Some interesting tips are recommended which are likely to give the garden lovers some valuable insights on how to make their gardens look glamorous:

You can have old tires as garden furniture

By selecting the ideal size and then painting them to your taste, the garden can have furniture like tire placements which add beauty and convenience to your garden.

Why not have lines of pots and pellets?
Cleaned pellets are excellent decorations on your garden depending on your overall taste. The ideal way is to sand the pellets using a manual sander till the side of the pots become flat. Erecting a beautiful fence around your garden using these containers is not a farfetched idea. However, lining the pots with beautiful flowers is usually an ideal thing in garden decoration.

Bring out the rickety old furniture
Broken good furniture or just items which have outlived their usefulness in the house may give one the temptation to throw them. Their value can be seen when they are taken to the garden for decorations.

The unique taste brought across by your old furniture will not only surprise you but also make your garden a sight to behold. Tending plants and flowers on the sections of such furniture will be the game changer in the life of such gardener. Other old accessories like statues in the house can also add more value and a garden worth resting in when brought out of the house where they are no longer in use.

Using old wine cocks and old containers as decorations

Vases which are placed on wood shelves may look nice within the whole garden setting if well made. Throwing your old glasses and other accessories may not be advised as they are safe for use in planting flowers in your garden.

The use of wine corks may just help in strengthening the positions of the old glasses and bottles and gives a sense of stability and harmony. Moreover, they are likely to eliminate the monolithic artificial taste and replace it with the old school design of yesterday.


It is common to have a gardener lacking the vase which he can use for planting flowers in the garden. Using old jars and bottles can just work to the taste of the garden owner. The use of transparent glasses with water inside them presents a taste of class, harmony, and a sight to behold if they are hung at strategic points.

You may also use the glasses to plant some lovely ornamental plants with the use of oil and a mix of little soil. At times, it may just serve you well with old pictures placed at strategic points within the garden to help you in reliving your past as you relax.

Within the backyard reading corner, old favorite books can be placed at strategic locations where you may have a glimpse of them from time to time


Decorating your garden need not be a costly affair after all as it may be cheap and fun as well. Rarely do people think of using the old unused furniture which may just be wasting away as some items which can help you out build a magnificent looking garden for your excursions.

Throwing them out is not the best, you can use them to your benefit. It is through learning these tips that we hope that next time, you are likely to have a fantastic looking garden worth the envy of all and sundry, try the tips.